How to decide whether to repair or replace appliances

When your trusted appliance stops working in the manner for which it was made, you face a quandary. Should you repair or replace it? Either way, you will spend money. However, it is hard to walk that fine line of figuring out whether you should trash that appliance and buy a new one or spend money to have it repaired. Here are some tips to figure this out.

Call a Repair Technician
One of the best ways to figure out whether or not you should repair or replace your appliance is to contact a reputable appliance repair technician, who could help you answer this question. Try to find a repair technician that specializes in a wide breadth of services such as dishwasher repair, oven repairs, and freezer service. The repair technician will take a look at your appliance to determine the best route to take. Keep in mind that the answer may not be cut and dry and you still may have to make the final decision. Being that the cost of repairing an appliance is 20 to 30% of the cost of replacing it, most people may lean towards repairing the appliance.

Figure Out Your Appliance’s Lifespan
When you purchased your appliance, it was working as good as new and you probably did not even consider its lifespan at that point. If you already threw away the manuals, this will be difficult to determine. Finding out how long the lifespan of your appliance is could help you determine whether or not you should have it repaired or replaced. As a rule of thumb dishwashers last nine years, ranges and ovens last 15 years, washing machines last 10 years, and refrigerators last 13 years. This broad guideline is a good way to determine the lifespan of your appliance.

Does Your Appliance Have a Warranty?
Whether or not your appliance has a warranty package could help make this decision fairly easily. For example, if your refrigerator stops working but it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, then you may just have it repaired. Some people purchase additional warranty programs that almost cover the entire lifespan of their appliances. With such a lengthy warranty package, most almost always choose to have appliances repaired.

Check the Research
Do your due diligence when checking to purchase a new appliance. Do not just go to the first store that seems like it has a favorable price. Rather, do a wide range of research that unearth many appliances in your area and online. There are many discount programs that are available that you can take part in as a start. Check into them before you make your decision. Sometimes if you find that a new appliance has a very favorable price, this could help sway your decision.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether or not an appliance is worth salvaging through repair. The preceding four tips serve as guidelines that help make this decision easier. Contact a reputable appliance repair service center for further tips on how to navigate through this process. For more information please visit our website.