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I know there are SEO companies out there but is there any software or websites that will help in promoting websites and helping them move up the search list. Today I found out that… If there was some magic bit of software that got you to the first page of Google we would all be using it. Then what happens next once we all start using it? Nothing. A 1000 websites will all be getting exactly the same benefit from that SEO software, so ultimately nobody would be any better off than they were before, there’s only about 12 spots on the first page, that’s not much room for a 1000 websites all using magic SEO software. I’m afraid there’s no quick fix for proper SEO, you gotta get your hands dirty. There’s a few free pointers for SEO on my hobby website at if you’re interested? The nearest you’ll ever get to lazy man’s SEO is the expensive Googe Adwords, not recommended unless you’ve got deeeeep pockets. Good luck, Mike

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  1. There are several seo softwares but none of them will do any good to your rankings. Google can detect certain patterns in the software actions, so it’s better to stay away from these techniques.

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  3. One of the best things you can do is to find the top websites in your industry and find out who is linking to their website by using yahoo’s site explorer. After you find those websites, you can employee a virtual assistant / virtual employee to start building / requesting links to the same sites. We use VirtualEStaff ($5. 50/hr), a US based company located in Wilmington, NC with offshore operations in the Philippines.

  4. If you’re looking for something that would take the place of hiring an costly SEO firm that generated SEO tasks for you to complete, I think your best bet would be with LotusJump. Most you do is enter in your website and targeted keywords and then it will generate relevant tasks for you to complete that’ll help boost your search engine rankings. Hope this is what you’re looking for!

  5. Yes, there is software available, but you will never know until they will work.
    If you want a long term solution it is better to do it the way the search engine wants it. Create back links by writing articles, posting links to different sites that already have a high page-rank.
    The more back links you create the higher your site will rank.

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