Choosing the Best Hot Tub Cover Lift

Hot tub cover lifts are the most effective aftermarket product you can buy for your spa or jacuzzi. After I initially decided to buy my Baja day spa, my spouse and I thought we didn’t should have a lift, and conserved a small amount of money on the total cost.

We rapidly discovered how significant a protective cover lifter is; it’s almost unworkable for only one customer to remove a spa cover by themselves. If we just didn’t get injured, our hot tub cover would get broken.

But, how to choose the most suitable jacuzzi cover lift for your particular spa? All things considered, you might find a lot of variation amongst the 10 hot tub cover lifts most of us put up for sale. Here is a guide to help you contrast hot tub cover lifts, narrow down the available choices, and locate the hot tub cover lift that is definitely best for you.

Shape of Your Spa

Some of our hot tub covers are meant to match circular hot tub shapes, yet others won’t work on circular at all. In our own hot tub cover lift evaluation chart, below, you will see that we have about 4 jacuzzi cover lifts which fit circular and cube hot tubs, and another 6 cover lifts which is able to fit onto square jacuzzis, or straight sided jacuzzis.

Dimensions of Your Hot Tub

This is not normally a concern, unless you happen to possess a larger tub, like a swim hot tub. Most of our hot spa tub cover lifts work with a spa up to eight across, and some cover lifts will fit hot tubs up to 10 across. In case your spa is greater than that, you most likely use a 4-panel or larger cover, in which case, you may use 2 cover lifters, one for each end of the hot tub.

Room Required

This one is super significant some hot tub cover lifts require very little clearance, or space along side the hot tub to turnover and keep the cover off of the hot tub. But other cover lifts can require as much as 4 feet of space, due to the fact they secure the cover level to the surface. A few cover lifts also require side space, for those arms to swing on both sides of the hot tub.

Aided Cover Lifts

All the covers utilize a fulcrum concept, or lever, to assist in the opening and shutting of this hot tub cover, but those with gas shocks give an additional assistance when you open the hot tub cover, and then permits the hot tub cover to shut more gradually. Gas shock assistance really is particularly important when a spa cover starts to take on some dampness and the weight increases.

Cover Lift Outlay

Not a huge difference in costs, but hot tub cover lifts currently range in cost from $100-$225. The less costly hot spa tub cover lifts still are very long-lasting, however have a much simpler design, and might have smaller amount materials. Since they are all rather close in price, may I suggest that you focus on important features and what will tend to work most effectively using your spa.


The warranty for hot spa cover lifts are either 1yr or 5 yr, but unlike our hot tub cover guarantees, lift guarantees are pretty tight you understand, Acts of God, Vandalism, Neglect, Abuse, Modification are not covered by this guarantee . But, from my experience here in all of our returns/warranty dept, warranty troubles are rare anyway for spa cover lifters.

Cover Lift Attachment Method

Most people shy away from thinking about drilling large bolts straight into the side of their own new hot tub cabinet. About half of our spa cover lifts require drilling into the cabinet, to mount the mechanism in position. The other versions slide underneath the spa, having a large plate to keep it in place and many cover lifts have the choice of installing in to the cabinet, or under the hot tub.

Cover Storage Position

Some spa cover lifts placed the cover down up against the side of the hot tub, some stick up just a foot or thereabouts, as well as other spa cover models secure the spa cover in the full, upright position. The up-right hot tub cover could be best for privacy and also as a wind block unless you are inside of an area of very high winds! A lot of the above-spa stored covers advise against using the cover in winds over 10 mph.

If you’ve got specific questions regarding your spa cover lifts  i highly recommend you give us a call. We have now experts with the information within their fingertips, to respond to any question or concern you might have and enable you to select the best spa cover lift to suit your needs!

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